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Since 2007, In and Co Seeds has become one of the members of the agricultural business in Thailand. We provide quality seeds to farmers to produce delicious and nutrient-rich foods and intend to better the farming community through our carefully selected seeds and effective crop solution. Before introducing to the market, we ensure a thorough research on the yield, taste, transportability and shelf-life of our seeds. We focus on quality management system and teamwork that deliver excellent services to all parties. We plan globally, act locally, work hard and follow up. We hope that we can bring happiness to those who obtain In and Co Seeds products.

An online store for quality seeds.
  • Genetic and physical purity are always 98% or more.
  • Germination and vigor are always 85% or more.
  • Our seeds are free from any seed born disease or unless treat with chemical to control them 100%.
  • Seed shelf life will be closely monitoring and labeling as actual occurring.
  • We are following all seeds quality both from customer and company warehouse.
  • To ensure that all products from our seeds are always competitive both yield and marketable.
  • We guarantee the delight from all purchasers and accept return if they are not happy unless from un-opened seed package.

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